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And it's hello from me!

My name is John Dunning and I'm a Christian believer who lives in Southampton, U.K., and initially was born and bred in the Black Country area of the West Midlands. I came from a completely non religious background, and became a believer in 1990.

From the time I first came to faith in 1990 to 2008, I spent within the framework of the charismatic church. Over that period I spent a number of years as a worship leader, and by 2008 I was a home (cell) group leader also, which is common practice within charismatic churches. From early 2007 through to the time of the so called "Lakeland Revival" in 2008, I had a number of run-ins with church elders over practices and doctrines they held to, which I found to be in conflict with the Biblical text. Following the debacle of Lakeland, and the sad death of one of our congregation who chose to fly out to the "outpouring", and then refuse treatment for cancer out of denial, I simply could not remain in the charismatic church any longer.

From that time on to today, I have found myself on a journey out of charismaticism into the reformed faith. For about eight years following my leaving the charismatic church, myself and a few other English speaking Christians from around the world, began to share our similar experiences together through a Christian forum we set up for the purpose. This led us to begin exploring the historic Christian faith together, especially as we began to realise our ignorance of so much of historic Christian doctrine that were actually the bedrock of that which the historic church have believed, taught and confessed. In all honesty it was since that time my faith has really developed and grown in Christ, so much so that I find it difficult to know how authentic my faith previously had actually been. I still remember the first question we asked amongst ourselves on the forum, and that was "What is the Gospel?". To our shame we all found it difficult to define apart from personal "feelings", and it was then we realised the utter need to know what we believe as Christians, and why we believe it!

Since my 2008 departure from the charismatic church, and also the experience of my whole family at that time leaving us feeling as our hearts had been ripped out, I have found it a long hard road trying to fit back into the church again. Don't get me wrong, I understand the necessity for Christian fellowship for all believers, and I do have a genuine love for fellow believers, but I would be a liar to suggest that some fears and concerns aren't still present within me which still affect my Christian fellowship at times.

Although the time I spoke of previously with other online Christians has now run it's course and all have gone their own way (though we still keep in touch out of love for one another), I still am very active on the internet. I have published a number of personal blogs over the years, which has now culminated in my current project called The Gospel Network which is aimed at proclaiming the Gospel and defending the Christian faith, and providing resources to enable others to do the same. I also have constructed and maintain a number of websites for other Christian brothers and sisters as a free service where possible, which are still currently active.

That's enough about me personally anyway, other than to say I hope and pray many Christians are encouraged and emboldened through this forum to proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified and risen again with zeal. Big Grin

God bless,



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